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PRIMACYT - a large Portfolio of Transporter Assays, ADME and Toxicological Assays for fast and cost-effective Screening.

Primacyt is your expert for effective and robust transporter uptake and inhibition assays for small molecule formulations used in pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals,and dietary products / nutraceuticals.

Our Lab Services ensure fast and cost-effective screening of test compounds for their interactions with our transporters.

Our Service Portfolio of Transporter Assays comprises

  • Transporter uptake and inhibition assays OATPs, OCTs, NTCP, ASBT and OATs.
  • ADME: Uptake and Efflux Transporter assays, Metabolic assays utilizing Hepatocytes, S9 fractions and microsomes.
  • Toxicological assays (Cellular Toxicity, Hepatocellular Toxicity and Phototoxicity).
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Here you find cellular products and consumables. Human and non-human hepatocytes are available as fresh or cryopreserved products and more.

Primacyt Cell Culture Technology GmbH utilizes a wide range of stable transfected cell lines expressing human uptake transporters for studying the interaction with uptake transporters. We provide two types of uptake assays: Substance uptake assays and inhibition assays. They are best suited for studying drug-drug interactions. The inhibition assay allows evaluating possible interactions between the test compound and the uptake transporter. This assay provides no information whether the test compound itself is a substrate or an inhibitor of selected uptake transporters. However, this information can be obtained by a substance uptake assay.
Transporter proteins are located in the plasma membrane of pharmacological barrier tissues like intestinal epithelia, hepatocytes as well as in blood-brain-barrier and kidney proximal tubes. These proteins facilitate the transport of substances across the cell membrane. Together with efflux transporters, they are essential for the absorption, distribution, and excretion of endogenous and exogenous compounds. There has been increased recognition since years, that drug transporters, in addition to drug-metabolizing enzymes (Cytochrome P450), are important for drug pharmacokinetics, drug safety, and drug efficacy. Interindividual differences in drug transporter expression can result in variability in drug response. Therefore, the analysis of compound interaction with transporters is necessary during the drug discovery and development phase.
Transporter assays play an important role in drug development. They are important for the evaluation if a new compound is a substrate or an inhibitor and for the role of possible drug-drug interactions. Uptake transporters mostly belong to the superfamily of solute carriers (SLC superfamily). Within SLC transporters, there are two gene superfamilies: the SLCO superfamily, made up of the organic anion transporting polypeptides (OATPs); and the SLC22A superfamily, which contains the organic cation transporters (OCTs) and the organic anion transporters (OATs). Studies of uptake transporters have the potential to indicate drug-drug interaction implications. Various modeling tools are available for analyzing uptake transporter functions. With recombinant cell lines expressing uptake drug transporters, it is possible to evaluate the activity of a single transporter.

PRIMACYT, a globally oriented biotech company, is specialized for in-vitro-technologies. We are a GLP certified reference laboratory appointed by the European Union as a reference laboratory for the validation of alternatives to animal experiments.  

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