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PRIMACYT - a large Portfolio of Transporter Assays,
ADME and Toxicological Assays
for fast and cost-effective Screening.

Primacyt is partner of local businesses and institutions to establish a GLP Business Incubator

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Our Lab Services ensure fast and cost-effective screening of test compounds for their interactions with our transporters.

Primacyt is your expert for effective and robust transporter uptake and inhibition assays for small molecule formulations used in pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals,and dietary products / nutraceuticals.

PRIMACYT, a globally oriented biotech company, is specialized for in-vitro-technologies. We are a GLP certified reference laboratory appointed by the European Union as a reference laboratory for the validation of alternatives to animal experiments. 

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Overview about PRIMACYT

Primacyt maintains partnerships with regional businesses and institutions in form of a GLP Business Incubator.
As a market leader in hepatocytes and related products, Primacyt offers preclinical and commercial laboratory services to the pharmaceutical, chemical, agrochemical, food and cosmetic industries.
We cooperate with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies during research and drug development, target validation, lead discovery and pre-clinical testing.
Our customers receive comprehensive knowledge-based expert support to reduce valuable project time and expenses.
We are committed to all relevant ethical and applicable standards. With more than ten years of history and track record, we provide superior solutions to the life science community. Our focus areas are in vitro technologies. We develop and provide cell culture systems for the prediction of toxic, short-term, and long-term effects of agents on the human body.

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PRIMACYT is specialized for in-vitro-technologies. We are certified according to GLP.

  • Primacyt Cell Technology GmbH is a privately held Laboratory and Contract Research Organization, located in Schwerin, Germany.
  • Primacyt is focused on hepatocytes, liver subcellular fractions, skin tissue, cell culture media, hydro 3D cultures, and collagen products. The related activities are available at Primacyt’s website
  • The counterpart for CRO Contract Research activities is visible at its companion website
  • Primacyt supports the needs of diagnostics and pharmacological orientated companies and related institutional organizations in the focus areas as described above. Our activities in contract research CRO and associated laboratory services is project and fee-based.
  • Primacyt.Services is offering CRO and Lab services in the area of transporters
  • Organic Anion Transporting Polypeptides (OATPs)
  • Organic Cation Transporters (OCTs)
  • Na+-taurocholate co-transporting polypeptide (NTCPs)
  • Organic Anion Transporter (OATs)
  • Apical Sodium-dependent Bile Acid Transporter (ASBTs).
  • as well as support in the areas of Studies of Metabolism - Toxicity - Cytochrome P450 induction - Hepatocellular Function and 3T3 NRU Assays for Phototoxicity Studies.

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Primacyt’s Commitment

  • A long-lasting track record since 2004
  • Primacyt's quality standards made in Germany, lab certified as GLP.
  • Deep understanding and expertise in cell technology and assays
  • Customer orientated flexibility and efficiency in project support, project design and execution
  • Uncomplicated project flow and firm timeline.
  • Ethics compliance as an alternative to animal experiments laboratory, certified by the EU.

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Primacyt is your perfect Partner for your outsourcing Strategies.

We are adding cell technology and assay skills from our human resources to your organizations. Primacyt is flexible to add in full-time equivalents (FTEs) to your organization or in our laboratories.
You access our expertise and experience at once. We believe that effective and clear project communication is essential for the success of your projects and thus highly important.

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Customer and Project adapted Solutions

  • In the project definition phase, you can access existing solutions from our catalog as primary discussion points for our own projects. Primacyt being in the market for more than ten years is an asset you can utilize as our partner. This can support your attempt to harmonize project expenses and timeline optimization.
  • Your centers of investigation define our joint study plans and reveal possible open points from scientific questions. Our network includes high profile support from university institutions on demand on a highly confidential basis.

  • Our website contains related subject samples for viewing and download.
  • Primacyt is your integrated R&D resource in the project and before program execution.
  • Access to technologies and expertise is a definite issue for us. You rely on us. The predefinition, design and final definition of your project may not demand extensive time. We are prepared to assist you as reasonable as possible.

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Enhanced Project Workflow and Integration of additional Components which are difficult to find elsewhere.

Your project inquiry triggers the starting workflow including the study plans, the process checkpoints, protocols, communication and change process. We are prepared to support your organization
in the process of
  • preparing external funding requests and
  • partner collaboration programs
For the benefit of start-up companies and also larger entities, we can provide adaptive support in the fields of
  • SCRUM Support for obtaining lightweight projects, simple understanding and avoidance of difficulties to master Intellectual Property.

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